Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Anger & Hope

War was easy. The battle with himself is another story...

When Will returns to America after years overseas, he comes with high hopes of reconnecting with his younger brother. But being a disgruntled veteran and a struggling depressive, Will isn’t easy to love.

Misunderstood, homeless, and with little reason to live beyond his faithful companion, Maverick, Will must face his past to find peace with his family and himself.

But when it comes to family, is love enough?

‘Anger and Hope’ is the second book in the ‘Sin and Zen’ series.

It is the Philia love to ‘S&Z’s Eros love, and it deeply explores the ideas of shame, pride, anger, hope, and what home truly means. [Important note: Though 'Anger and Hope' may follow Will beyond 'Sin and Zen', each story is standalone. In fact, the themes and 'nature' of each story definitely stand on their own and are not dependent on each other.]

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