What is Bipolar Philosophy

Bipolar Philosophy

Let me start by saying that what I call ‘Bipolar Philosophy’ is not a philosophy about being bipolar in the psychological illness sort of way. It is more to the root of the word. It is a philosophy that tries to understand and accept the black and white of what we see, think, and feel. It is the opposite ends of a magnet. Polarized; two poles. Cutting off the ‘negative side’ doesn’t result in only positivity, just less positivity and negativity for the whole. There will still always be two halves to the whole. A dualistic existence in unity.

When I decided to write a blog (at least this blog), I wasn’t stuck because I didn’t know what to write about. The issue was that I enjoy learning, sharing, and discussing too many things to limit myself to one topic. Secondly, what am I an expert on? At least what do I consider myself to be an expert on? Even ideas or experiences I feel confident speaking about I do not wish to hail myself guru in anyway. So I am left with myself. Not to say this blog will be about me, but it will openly acknowledge that it is all of my opinion. My special, unique, idiosyncratic perspective of the world, which I’m sure more than one of you will share with me on some, if not many, lines of thinking.

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I had a brief period where I considered myself a Stoic. I even wore a toga.

This is not to say that there isn’t something for all to relate to. There will be emotion and logic and spirit and mind no matter what we speak about or call this form of interpreting the world.

Great, but still, what is this blog about? Well, it will be about everything and nothing. Bipolar, right? Subjects will touch on politics, love, getting up to face your day, and wasting your night staring at nothing, only transcending yourself for a moment and feeling something beyond yourself. Whether that something is God, an electromagnetic current circulating the globe, or psychological illness.

Bipolar philosophy was the first name I thought of to describe my way of thinking and feeling, but I do not consider myself bipolar in any way that could be understood as a disease. At least not for me. That is not to say that I haven’t been told one or twice by someone close to me that I probably should seek help.

What is bipolar philosophy?
I'm still chasing the Roadrunner.

And though, in today’s world, with all the excitement about being considered mentally ill, or just simply the attention or excuse it gives you for being you, I would never accept singling myself out as unique for that reason. We are all mentally ‘ill’ or none of us are. We are all unique, but the same in that we are unique, like waves of the sea.

And this is what I consider to be bipolar philosophy.

What is bipolar philosophy?
Yep, I have Ron Burgundy to close for me. Thanks for stopping by, fellow philosopher.

Nota bene:

Though I may not take too seriously the idea of being ‘bipolar’ as a sickness. It does not mean that I do not think it’s symptoms or effects do not exist. On the contrary, I believe we are all bipolar in the sense that we have high moods and low moods, some just have them more extreme than others. Which is perhaps the definition of being manic-depressive. However, I am not a fan of anything that seems to be à la mode, and no offense to those who really are extreme in their mood swings, I see many of the reason why people act the way they do is to try to earn the title of mentally ill or bipolar just to feel special or receive unique treatment and attention.

In fact, anytime I have questioned myself as to whether I could be considered of this current fad in mental health, I passed all the test with flying colors. Yet, if I am, and to the detriment of those closest to me, I would never change that. I would and do embrace it. Yes, there are lows, very sad, extreme, dark lows, but their is also seeing things in the high as well that escape most people. It has led to an exciting life for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Besides, some of the greatest minds have been considered bipolar. Some even say it has something to do with being a genius. So bipolar or not, medicated or not, acceptance or not, good luck with yourself and have fun taking part in this corner of the web now called bipolar philosophy.

Bipolar Philosophy
Who said being old couldn't be fun?

Other names I considered for the name of this blog include:

Yin Yang Thoughts

Dualistic Thinking

All or Nothing

Absolute Understanding

Still Alive and Learning

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Potion

Black and White and Gray

Feel free to let me know which one you like best in the comments.

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