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Short Stories

This page shall henceforth be my page of short stories. Most of these will be stories I wrote for contests that unfortunately did not win. Nonetheless, I feel they are worth sharing.

But, let's start with a winner. This first story won a writing contest in Australia's Writing Quarter.

In the words of the judges (without any spoilers): 'A very sad story but interesting too. I liked the conversational tone the writer used and the ending seemed right.'

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Most of the stories here are free and exclusive to this site. Some of the longer stories I have on Amazon.

This next section is for stories that I have turned into nice little .epub files to easily download, carry, and share or that I sell for $0.99 on Amazon. Click on the picture or title to begin reading.


The stories below are from one of my favorite monthly competitions: Furious Fiction

In their own words:

'On the first weekend of every month, you are invited to put your storytelling skills to the test in the ultimate writer-takes-all short story competition. Armed only with our simple brief, your job is to race the clock to come up with your best 500 words-or-fewer story and be in to win a tasty $500 – every single month.'

I personally love the stopwatch and criteria they put for each contest. I have yet to win this competition, but I have enjoyed the few I have participated in. Below are the ones I have entered to date.

Taillights and rain and deep thoughts. This is a short story for the drive home


Clever yet provoking, Butterfly is a short story that takes on the psychology of a suicidal, beautiful, intelligent, and artistic woman.

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A Woman

Helene walked into the apartment with a story.

‘Well, it’s over.’ She said.

‘Again?’ Jay said.

She handed the bottle of wine to Jay and he opened it and poured two glasses. She took out a cigarette and lit up as she fell into the couch.

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A Garden

‘Love is hell. Love is shit.’ Balu told me.

I laughed.

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The air was still, yet sweet and pungent. Why did I wake up so early? Why couldn’t I go back to sleep? The sun wasn’t even out yet. 

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Her Wrist

I see her every day and pay almost no mind to her wrists. But when she is at the cutting board, it is all I can see.


Mrs. Watson and Hemoglobin

The cornershop door opens up and there’s Mrs. Watson in her homemade HazMat suit carrying a bag full of lemons.

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Her Treasure

‘We have ways of taking care of things on this island. The rules are a bit different here if you know what I mean.’

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Quiveringly, she opened up the jar of mayonnaise. She hated mayonnaise. The look of it. The smell of it. And that’s exactly why he put her first clue of this scavenger hunt on the inside of the mayonnaise jar.

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She turned to him, perturbed, getting ready to tell him the seat was taken. Which it was, by Countess Vronskaya. Yet when she saw his dark hair and piercing blue eyes she lost her words. 

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A Good Man

Beyond the food he loved and the jokes he made, the father loved to talk about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: retirement.

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Order of Nature

I began to appreciate everything with each step forward.

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The Silver Lining

‘Old people ruin my life!’ Greta wailed.

‘Yours and every other teenager’s, Greta.’ Will said.

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Lastly, here is some flash fiction that I have written for the monthly writing contest: Furious Fiction.

Always great for a quick read. I like to write these thinking they find the balance, or perhaps compromise, between poetry and prose.