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Sin & Zen

Will Strief has just fallen from the sky… Literally.

He is no angel. He is a parachutist for the infamous French Foreign Legion, or he was until one bad jump leaves him shattered: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

After a life in the military, jumping out of planes, and living a hero’s tale, the twenty-three-year-old Will finds himself floating about in the social gutters of Marseille, France. Despite his limp, he is reveling in his sudden liberation and rock-star life: hilarious drug experiences, vicious drinking, and a delicious sex life that would gorge a lesser being.

Yet, all he wants is to find some meaning in life. Is it found in romantic love? Silent meditation under the Bodhi Tree? Or climbing the Himalayas? Will must find the balance between ‘Sin’ and ‘Zen’. And through it all, he explores the idea of romance, lust, trust, friendship, and peace in a raw and realistic tone while living life at its ill-defined edge.

It is a fast-paced transgressive fiction that delves into the mind of a restless man trying to navigate an unplanned, but ultimately revealing, journey.


Just jump and hang on for the ride.

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'Sin and Zen is a brutally honest story blanketed with the philosophy of life that makes it one of the most powerful stories that I have read this year. S.W. Stribling is a powerful storyteller that writes in a way that allows his readers to feel the raw and dark emotion emulating from his characters.'

- Victoria DeSouza

The New England Book Critic