Sin & Zen

Anger & Hope

Anger and Hope: The awaited sequel to Sin and Zen has arrived...

When it comes to family, is love enough?

When Will returns to America after years overseas, he comes with high hopes of reconnecting with his younger brother. Will isn’t easy to love, though. He’s a disgruntled veteran and a struggling depressive. As such, he soon finds himself misunderstood and homeless, trying desperately to claw his way back into life while tackling the issues within himself.

Now, with little reason to live beyond his faithful companion, Maverick, Will must face his past to find peace with his family and himself. War was easy, it’s the battle with himself and what he used to believe in that he must now overcome.

‘Anger and Hope’ is the second book in the ‘Sin and Zen’ series. It is the Philia love to ‘S&Z’s Eros love, and it deeply explores the ideas of shame, pride, anger, hope, and what home truly means.

Before there was Anger and Hope, there was 'Sin and Zen'
'Captivating and Very Intriguing'

'I listened to this book in less than week. As soon as it started you wanted to continue listening to it. I even bought the hard copy book so I can keep a physical copy. Follows the very interesting and really fun life of the author. You go through his ups and downs and get to learn so much about life through his eyes.'

 - Pedro Ramirez, 5-star Audible review

'I agree with Iris [that Will would be a great date, but not someone I would want as a boyfriend]. Will Strief was a little disturbing but seemed to be a friendly & fun guy just trying to get his life together. He was in love with Claudia but knew in his heart it was not meant to be so he moved on to other women the best he could. I think the real Will came out when he was doing his adventure in India. Then he got sucked back into his old life when he returned. I think Will was really trying to find his way but women came way too easy for him, except for Claudia. He will find his way and eventually his real love.'

 - An excerpt from Mrs. Lauer - taken from a book club meeting.

What the Critics Say...

'The characters lead the plot. Each character possesses individuality. The craft of the characters is the USP of the book. Will's carnal experiences are not about mere sex and hence the book stands out...'

Rakhi Jayashankar / OUTSET

Sin and Zen is a  brutally honest story blanketed with the philosophy of life that makes it one of the most powerful stories that I have read this year. S.W. Stribling is a powerful storyteller that writes in a way that allows his readers to feel the raw and dark emotion emulating from his characters.

Victoria DeSouza / The New England Book Critic

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5.0 out of 5 stars Can’t put the book down! Love it!

'Picked up a copy this afternoon & cannot put it down! A page turner! Love it & can’t wait for more from this author!'

 - Apryl Crotts

Creative writing is without a doubt my true passion in life beyond my lovely partner and our house full of puppies. It is something I hope to continue and do full-time in the near future. 

I hope you find these books as fun and enlightening as I did writing them. 

Here's to hoping you find your own Sin and Zen and Hope in this world...