Sin & Zen

Seductive soldier and shameless alcoholic, Will Strief was made to be broken and transcendental. After spending his entire adult life in the military, jumping out of planes and living a hero's life, Strief is left in the gutter of civilian life in Marseille, France after a devasting injury in the French Foreign Legion. Now, at twenty-three, he is reveling in his suddenly liberating rock-star life: hilarious drug experiences, vicious drinking, and a delirious sex life that would put any lesser man in the ground.


With all of Stribling's real-life experience, the story is as bona fide as it is uncovering. Said to be a must-read for women to understand the mind of man. Stribling writes a psychological fiction that delves into the restless mind of a young adult trying to understand himself and the world. It is dirty realism and dark humor and deep philosophy in this relentless tale of life on the edge.

'Captivating and Very Intriguing'

'I listened to this book in less than week. As soon as it started you wanted to continue listening to it. I even bought the hard copy book so I can keep a physical copy. Follows the very interesting and really fun life of the author. You go through his ups and downs and get to learn so much about life through his eyes.'

 - Pedro Ramirez, 5-star Audible review

'I agree with Iris [that Will would be a great date, but not someone I would want as a boyfriend]. Will Strief was a little disturbing but seemed to be a friendly & fun guy just trying to get his life together. He was in love with Claudia but knew in his heart it was not meant to be so he moved on to other women the best he could. I think the real Will came out when he was doing his adventure in India. Then he got sucked back into his old life when he returned. I think Will was really trying to find his way but women came way too easy for him, except for Claudia. He will find his way and eventually his real love.'

 - An excerpt from Mrs. Lauer - taken from a book club meeting.

Fan-Mail from Around the World

Sin & Zin is my first novel. Written over a few years with the majority of it being written in 2014/2015, it is my first real accomplishment as a writer. Like many first novels, it seems to be about everything and nothing at the same time.

Being a former Airman, Legionnaire, and English teacher, I have spent just as much time creating stories as I have spent writing them. This first novel is loosely based on my own personal experience with enough liberty taken to call it contemporary fiction. Having always had writing in my life as a form of therapy and being the broken soldier that I am, I have fully committed to what I believe to be my role in this play of life, a writer.



5.0 out of 5 stars Can’t put the book down! Love it!

'Picked up a copy this afternoon & cannot put it down! A page turner! Love it & can’t wait for more from this author!'

 - Apryl Crotts

Creative writing is without a doubt my true passion in life beyond my lovely partner and our house full of puppies. It is something I hope to continue and do full-time in the near future. 

I hope you find the book as fun and enlightening as I did writing it. 

Here's to hoping you find your own Sin and Zen in this world...


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